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Amizade Hostel

Salvador de Bahía, Brasil

Architects: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez  Phase: project, 2012   Location: Salvador, Brasil   Client: hostal Amizade

We face the difficult intervention in the historic center of Salvador de Bahia, where the dwellings tend to be very deep and therefore dark and poorly ventilated. A house of Portuguese colonial architecture converted into a hostel of 4x24m, with a total of four partitions whose walls do not reach the ceiling to be able to ventilate.  Our main objective was to provide lighting and natural ventilation to all spaces of the house. A perforation in the form of a patio that runs through all the plants, as well as the construction of an additional floor to take more advantage pf a greater height is proposed. The ground floor is entirely dedicated to common areas, a succession of spaces without partitimentar and semi-exteriors that go to the backyard. The other floors are reserved for the rooms (double and groups) which are accessed by a staircase that connects them to an intermediate living space.  The fluidity of the space and the insertion of the patio, achieve spacious, bright and ventilated spaces in the historic center of Salvador de Bahia.

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