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Málaga, 2017

Architects: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez 

Site supervision: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez 

Contractor: Fluico    

Gross floor area: 150m2   

Location: Málaga     


We were commissioned for the realization of a small scale and apparently simple project. We should enclose with glass a small terrace in a single family house following two principles: it should be used either in winter or in summer and has to be covered in green as it currently appears,  but be able to protect from the rain.

Analysing the situation and looking to give a greater impact for our client´s experience we understood that the main problem is the absence of connection between the house and the exterior space, problem created by the existence of a semi-basement which disconnects the house from its exterior because of the different height.

The goal of the project is to focus on solving this lack of connection, for that purpose we added to the house exterior spaces at the main floor level and work with the surrounding ground to remove these differences.

Finally we give an answer to the questions that we are called for, designing a structure which protects from the sun and the rain being also the supporting structure for a vine growing through its perimeter. An enclosure system of fixed glass facade and two frameless sliders maximise transparency and versatility

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