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Professional dance school

Almería, competition. 2018

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The building is located in a new area Almería city still unbound. We designed a building clearly divided into two parts with different programmatic and structural needs connected through access. One contains  dance classrooms and the auditorium, the other the rest of the program.We work with an interrupted  building by courtyards which reduce their scale and provide a correct illumination and ventilation both to the classrooms and the circulation spaces, With double heights in the corridor we achieve  spaciousness and the continuous  relationship between all the building users.

The facades are materialized as large white structural concrete elements  which hold the building, protect from the sun and control the views.  They are arranged attending to structural and scale issues, looking for going from a huge dimensions building to a human scale. We create a rational modulation provides the facade with a rhythm which reminds the purpose of the building; it is music, dance and continuous movement.

IBZAsociados + Espacio Propio Arquitectura

Architects: Ignacio Belenguer Zamit | Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez  Quantity Surveyor: Victor Manuel López Toledo

Renderings: TheNode | Agency   Phase: competition. 2nd prize 2018   Total floor area: 4742m2

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