Monachil, Granada, 2017

Architects: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez  

Site supervision: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez

Project stage: built,  2017    

Gross Floor Area: 26m2  

Location: Monachil, Granada 

Client: La Almunia del Valle SL

Manuel and Patricia, owners of a charming hotel located in the middle of nature, are in charge of a gymnasium where you can take refuge from the sun and rain, keeping the landscape as a backdrop.


We created a steel and glass box, a single opaque facade that protects and supports the installations. The rest: landscape, filtered in the days of strong sun by wooden shutters that sift the light and the views. The volume, carefully wedged between figs and olives, leans over an existing garage. Wood, glass and steel in white, frame a wonderful piece of the natural park of the Sierra Nevada.


As a result, a change of use, such a space can not be used to suffer! Finally it is used as a space of rest.