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Country House extension

Motril, Granada

Architects: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez   Site supervision a constructionManuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez   Structure: Guillermo Frasquet   Phase: built, 2012   Total floor area: 250m2   Location: Motril, Granada   Client: private

We realized the expansion of a country house and modified its immediate environment, improving its operation and establishing new relationships with its environment.


The old warehouse will be transformed into a new volume that will contain new services: bathroom and dressing room that extend the main bedroom and store and pantry whose access is outside.  As a line of action, it is proposed to free the country house by creating a surrounding space that acts as a step and a summer patio.    


The house, now breathes.

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