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Salvador de Bahía, 2012

Architects: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez        

Gross Floor Area: 450m2   

Location: Salvador de Bahía, Brasil   

Client: Amizade Hostel  

esquema 03-01.jpg
esquema 03-01.jpg
fotos original bn.jpg

We received the commission for the realization of the offices of Elektromaten Iberia, a company dedicated to the sale of high-end industrial engines.  


The place was our starting point. A warehouse inserted in a field of Chirimoyos on the coast of Granada (Andalusia). The project had to respond in a clear and simple way to two ideas; the office work inserted in a rural environment and the technological character associated with this company. The office is based on the idea of ​​"Chambao", a great shade that protects from the strong Andalusian sun allowing in turn the entrance of the landscape by its three transparent facades. Work and landscape combine until they dissolve their limits.   The intervention is very clear. A concrete base, a self-supporting cover and an autonomous element that solves the rest.   


Structure, storage and facade materialize in a shelf that serves as a filter and at the same time a link with the environment. Concrete, metal, glass and wood coexist, the landscape enters and the work leaves

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