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Zaidín Apartment

Granada, 2017

Architects: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez        Site supervision: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez   

Construction: Manuel Díaz Soler | Rocío Martí Rodríguez   Phase: built, 2017   Total floor area: 85m2   Location: Granada     

We decided to convert a sum of small rooms into a large space with many uses. A grand, diaphanous, luminous space that integrates all activity: cooking, eating, being. The kitchen, understood as a noble part of the house, extends its limits through a tile designed by us, escaping from its traditional nature of service. Now the kitchen is also home. The living room which previously had one window, now has four! The dining room, previously cornered, looks out the window with the valley of Granada as a backdrop The sum of small spaces is not the sum of their areas, the space grows exponentially. The white walls, the light, and the oak floor turn the apartment into a continuous space where all the activities of living go hand in hand.

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